The global increase in energy efficiency, has directed our team towards that area. We offer you solutions in fields of energy efficiency for industrial automation, buildings, infrastructure objects and data centers.

We present the following solutions:

Critical Power Supply

“Esicon” has developed and implemented automated system of redundant power supply that keep facility under constant power supply, by keeping always one of power supply sources online, so functionality of system is not jeopardized in critical situations…

Automation of Heat Substation

We are presenting you solution of automation heat substation which company „Esicon“ implemented in FCA Serbia (Kragujevac). This particular substation is responsible for heating and cooling of one part of offices and warehouse.

Public Company Waterworks and Sewerage Lazarevac, Serbia

SCADA system monitors and commanding pump facilities, distributed draw wells, sewerage and measuring stations which are under jurisdiction of Waterworks and sewerage Lazarevac…

Power Management in Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are becoming elementary part of modern society. Number of shopping malls growing everyday, and there is need that their functionality be better and better.

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