Critical Power Supply

For couple projects, company Esicon has developed and implemented automated system of redundant power supply that keep facility under constant power supply, by keeping always one of power supply sources online, so functionality of system is not jeopardized in critical situations.

Optimizacija potrošnje

Diesel generators with underground, seasonal reservoirs are providing continuous power supply of critical object, in duration which depends from reservoir capacity. Generators have an automatic start in case of loss primary power supply. Capacity of generators covers all critical users in the building, and that means that minimal redundancy of system is N+1.

UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) systems are consist of 2 independent UPS subsystems (side A and side B) with autonomy that depends on installed battery capacity. This solutions are obligatory for large companies with big IT needs, financial institutions, mobile operators, in power transmission networks, and for all who need uninterruptible, stable power supply that protect people inside object, electrical and IT equipment, practically for all users that depend on constant power supply.

All this processes are controlled by redundant PLC controllers which control turn on/off switches in the facility, so system always have power supply from some source, generators, UPS or network.

Whole system is monitored in real time from SCADA system, where user can watch all statuses, events and alarms. All events are logged, so that the operator can reconstruct what happened in previous time. SCADA system is connected to PLC controllers, generators, system for fuel injection, UPS system and cooling systems, so the operator can monitor everything from one place.

This type of system, engineers of Esicon have implemented in Public Enterprise Elektromreže Srbije and Telenor Serbia.

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