Energy Management

With a goal to increase energy efficiency, Esicon company has implemented solutions based on measuring of energy usage and monitoring of power quality. Based on these measurements, solutions for controlling, acquisition and analyzing were designed and installed, so that solutions have increased quality of electrical energy, and reduce total cost of objects.


In domain of automation, company Esicon made solutions based on usage of soft starters, drives, Programmable logic controllers (PLC), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human Machine Interface ) softwares. Projects include planning, design and installation of software and hardware, programming of user application, testing of system, commissioning and maintenance.

Systems for energy saving

In domain of energy saving, company Esicon has implemented solutions based on control of peak demand power, and solutions based on compensation of reactive energy.

Service and Maintenance

Esicon company offer periodic, preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment that was installed by Esicon company, or for equipment that client already had.

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