Power Management in Shopping Mall

Shopping malls have become an elementary part of modern society. Number of shopping malls is growing everyday, and there it is needed that their functionality keeps improving.

Power management in shopping mall

In power management segment, company Esicon has developed solutions for monitoring energy consumption of all parts of the system.
Some of the clients request were:

  1. Monitoring of individual energy usage for every renter. (usage of electrical energy, water usage, calorimeters etc.). With that informations, owners of shopping malls know how to equally divide general bills.
  2. Monitoring total consumption of whole mall (usage of electrical energy, water, gas usage etc.). Primary goal of this monitoring is to reduce costs, and to fit in standard ranges of consumption for this type of objects.

For first request, energents are collected into Monitoring system, and in the end of month that data is used for generating reports for every renter. Bills can be generated as Excel file, which gives possibility to management to work with that files some advanced calculations.

Calculation of electrical energy consumption contains values of active and reactive energy and peak demand power. It’s possible to compare calculations in user defined period (by week, month, year, et.), or to predict electrical energy consumption in future period.
Also this analyze gives information about power peak demand which is important for supplier of energy.
Monitoring of general consumption, user can create weekly, monthly, seasonal or annual report. With that data, it’s possible to analyze in which part of the day, or in which season of the year, energy usage can be regulated in purpose of better controlling of costs.

If is usage of energy bigger than is planned, it’s possible to apply some of procedure for energy saving: changing devices for economical devices, change of light scenarios, using of energents that are more affordable at that moment, and many other methods.

Bigger energy consumption than it is planned, can indicate that some part of system is not well defined, or that some part of system have big loss because of dilapidated equipment. That is signal that maintenance service need to take meassures for reducing this loss.
Everything above will lead to bigger quality of object, which is step closer to getting LEED certificate, and to increasing the value of shopping mall.

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