FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Serbia – Automation of the Heating Substation

Esicon has implemented an automation for the Heating substation in FCA Serbia (Kragujevac). This particular substation was responsible for heating and cooling of one of offices and warehouse buildings.

Optimizacija potrošnje

Within Heating Substation there was a number of pumps (made by Grundfos), of various capacity and power. Every pump had a redundant pump as a protection, or in some cases there were two pumps used intermitently. Number of pumps have been controlled by integrated drive, while others have been controlled by the PLC controller.

Process data have been collected on pumps and valves, also inside and outside temperature were measured. All that information has been collected by sensors and processed by PLC controller which managed the whole HVAC system according to the clients needs.
Desired water temperature, at the output of the heat exchange unit, has been controlled using „sliding temperature“ methodology and was dependant on outside temperature. Heated water was than forced by pumps into heating system (which consists of radiators, fan coils, clima chambers and air handler units. Every subsystem was regulated by electromechanical valves. Beside control of the system elements, PLC controller has also controlled calorifers also used in another system.
On SCADA monitoring system user could monitor statuses and alarms on pumps, sensors, air handler units, chillers, and flow detectors. From there users could fully control the whole system including implementation of various working modes/processes like shift work, weekend work, summer/winter mode etc.

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