In domain of automation, company Esicon made solutions based on usage of soft starters, drives, Programmable logic controllers (PLC), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human Machine Interface ) softwares. Projects include planning, design and installation of software and hardware, programming of user application, testing of system, commissioning and maintenance.

  • Industry

    • Fiat Automobiles Serbia, Kragujevac,
    • The Concern Bambi-Banat Pozarevac
    • Soko Štark, Belgade
    • Subotica Town Development Magistry PE
    • Galenika a.d. – Belgrade
    • NIS GAZPROM NEFT Oil Refinery Pancevo,
    • NIS GAZPROM NEFT Oil Refinery Novi Sad
    • City of Belgrade nursery Andjelak
    • Saltworks Bajo Sekulic, Ulcinj, Montenegro
    • Yugorosgas,
    • PUC District Heating plant Nis,
    • PE Hydroelectric power plants Djerdap Kladovo
  • Waterworks and Sewerage

    • PUC Waterworks and Sewerage Novi Sad,
    • PUC Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage,
    • PUC Waterworks Lazarevac,
    • Regional Waterworks Montenegro

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