Energy management

With a goal to increase energy efficiency, Esicon company has implemented solutions based on measuring of energy usage and monitoring of power quality.
Based on these measurements, solutions for controlling, acquisition and analyzing were designed and installed, so that solutions have increased quality of electrical energy, and reduce total cost of objects.

  • Industry

    • National Bank of Serbia – The Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins
    • NIS GAZPROM NEFT Oil Refinery Pancevo
    • NIS GAZPROM NEFT Oil Refinery Novi Sad
    • Grundfos, Indjija, Serbia
    • Vibac Balcani Jagodina
    • Tigar Tyres Pirot
    • The Institute for Health Protection of Mother and child Serbia ,,Dr Vukan Cupic”
  • Infrastructure facilities

    • Telekom Serbia,
    • Telenor Serbia,
    • Public Enterprise Elektromreže Srbije,
    • Nikola Tesla Airport
  • Business and shopping centers

    • Kragujevac Plaza Shopping Center,
    • MFC Usce shopping mall Belgrade,
    • UŠĆE Tower Belgrade,
    • Aviv Park Zvezdara

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