Solutions for compensation of reactive energy, and controlling of power peak demand

Electrical devices during work, beside active electrical energy, also use reactive electrical energy. In households, suppliers of electricity don’t charge reactive energy, but in domain of large users and industry, reactive energy is a large part of the bill.

Solutions for compensation of reactive electrical energy can be divided in 2 systems. The first system represents fixed compensation of reactive energy and can be applied on parts of the system with constant energy consumption (eg. Facility that use motors with constant speed). Second system is based on regulated compensation of reactive energy, that can be applied in systems where load of electrical power is not constant (what is case with centralised compensation).

Also,an important factor of the bill for electrical energy is peak demand power. Peak demand is term used in energy demand management describing a period (usually of 15 minutes) in which electrical power is expected to be provided for a sustained period at a significantly higher than average supply level. Controlling of this peak demand electrical bill can be reduced, and saving can be made.

Based on mentioned situations, company Esicon is developed solutions for energy saving, and with their implementation made results in facilities of the following clients:
Heating Plant Pozarevac, Stark’s (Food manufacturing company)factories in Belgrade and Ljubovija, Jerry Catering, etc.

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