LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

As world trends require, usage of energy must be in defined range, so manufacturing processes and business of every company can be defined as profitable.

Monitoring of energy consumption points to the responsible management of company, reducing costs, environmental protection and reducing pollution that is product of manufacturing processes, which create socialy responsible companies.

In domain of infrastructure and in buildings of general purpose (business buildings, shopping malls, etc.) applying this actions can lead to LEED certificate (LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which will increase value of object on market for 10-20%.

In this field, company „Esicon“ offers solutions for monitoring of energy usage (electrical energy, water and waste water, steam, compressed air, etc.), saving data of this parameters, which later can be used for making reports, trend diagrams, analyzes,etc. In domain of electrical energy, beside measurement of energy usage, there is accent on power quality. With analyze of power quality, we can provide longer, and safer work of electrical equipment and devices, and reducing costs.

Here are some of our clients that have implemented our solution in this field:
Telekom Serbia (National mobile operator), Telenor Serbia (Mobile operator), Public Enterprise Elektromreže Srbije, The Institute for manufacturing banknotes and coins, Grundfos Serbia, Vibac Balcani Jagodina, Tigar Tyres, Plaza Center Kragujevac, MFC Usce Shopping mall Belgrade, Aviv Park Zvezdara and many others.

These solutions give important information to the user, and our clients often work on expanding and upgrading system, so they often make contract with our company for periodic and immediate corrective maintenance of the system.

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